Tour of Dorking

Distance: 4393 metres

23 May 2022 - 28 May 2023

Audience: Joinable Challenge
Start on the upper bench in the Sauna at Dorking Sports Centre. Swim past reception and out the door. Straight past the BP and on up the High Street. Power through pump corner and pull your way up South Street. Dont stop at the Yicken; it's not closing time on a Friday night. Round the one way system checking out the pros and cons of Wickes and Toolstation. Then, rather taking the easy breast stroke line up West Street, hang a sharp left and carry on past the chip shop up the hill onto Ashcombe Road. Ignore the traffic lights, they don't apply to swimmers. Swim past the station and bring the legs into play as you sprint up old London Road. A final flourish up the pool and into the steam room. You've completed the Tour of Dorking. Get yourself a certificate.

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