Tour Of Prague

Distance: 17.1 km

10 Jan 2022 - 10 Mar 2022

Audience: Joinable Challenge
This 17.1km loop takes you right through the historic centre of Prague, starting at the southern end of the city you will follow the eastern side of the Vltava river passing under the icon Charles Bridge, as the river turns you will pass Štvanice island and make a U-turn at the Libeň Bridge crossing to the opposite side of the river and heading back south until you return to your starting point. The Vltava river is 430.3 kilometres long in total and drains an area of 28,090 square kilometres in size, over half of Bohemia and about a third of the Czech Republic's entire territory. As it runs through Prague, the river is crossed by 18 bridges (including the Charles Bridge) and covers 31 kilometres within the city. The water from the river was used for drinking until 1912 when the Vinohrady Water Tower ceased pumping operations.

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