Christmas Island Beaches

Distance: 10.31 km

1 Dec 2019 - 24 Dec 2019

Audience: Places Leisure
Christmas is coming, but it's not quite time to hang up your goggles, because we've got a great challenge for you to complete throughout December. We are challenging all SWIMTAG users across all Places Leisure pools to swim the "Christmas Island Beaches Challenge". The swim is just over 10km and you'll have from the 1st - 24th December to complete the challenge. Good Luck!Discovered on Christmas Day in 1643 but not inhabited until the late 19th Century, Christmas Island is world renowned for it's wildlife, including the migrating red crab and various seabirds. This swim begins at Waterfall Bay to the East of the Island, takes you around the North East corner and finishes on the beach at Fly Fishing Cove, the most populated area of the island.

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